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Mercado Carmen Serdán, Coyoacán

The Mercado Carmen Serdán is the public market for the perfectly triangular Coyoacán neighborhood of the same name. The market acts a proud community center, and serves a good part of the pueblo Culhuacan on this side of the Canal Nacional.

  • María del Carmen Serdán Alatriste (1873-1948) was a heroine of the Mexican Revolution. A strong supporter of President Madero, she was injured in an attack on her brother’s house. A continual antagonist during the early days of the conflict, she actively conspired with other members of her family in favor of the revolutionary cause.

As neighborhood markets go, the Mercado Carmen Serdán is an excellent choice for lunch. Dozens of venders are there for everything from fresh produce and fruit, to meats, fish and more. But for international visitors, the thing to keep in mind is that these same vendors supply the fondas and restaurant-itos in the same market.

Prices are therefore better, and you’ll be supporting local and small businesses. Even farmers get a better deal when you eat at the market. If you need tips on eating at the market, see the complete guide to Fondas and Comida Corrida, here. It’s better than street food

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