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San Marcos Ixquitlán, Azcapotzalco

Photos: Catedrales e Iglesias/Cathedrals and Churches, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The Chapel of San Marcos Evangelista is at home in a neighborhood of almost the same name. The area had been, prior to the Spanish colonial period, a settlement known as Ixquitlán, meaning “Place of Esquites” (toasted corn) or possibly “Place of Izquitecatl” – a variant of Ome Tochtli, a god of pulque. This is according to Gilberto Perez Rico’s online monograph, Guide to the Chapels and Temples of Azcapotzalco. Most of the following is from the same source.

Today the neighborhood is more officially known as Barrio San Marcos Ixquitlán. And though it’s among the smallest neighborhoods in Azcapotzalco, with a prominent place on the old Guadalupe causeway, it has historically had some of the biggest festivals.

The original church was built between the 17th and 18th centuries. Major re-construction in 1975-78 added two new towers and the current façade. Both bells date from the same time and the entire chapel was made bigger. The original tower is still there too.

The entire chapel is surrounded by a rectangular atrium. The façade, although from the 20th century, was carefully built to meet the colonial standards. The main entry is in the shape of a semicircular arch framed by stone-carved pilasters on which a cross-shaped oculo-window was opened. This is surrounded in carved quarry stone. The clock dates from the same remodeling. Inside, the chapel has a single nave. Ornamentation includes extensive plasterwork on the flat ceilings. The triumphal arch includes wall paintings of angels. While the altar is very simple, images of San Marcos, the Immaculate Conception, and the Crucified Christ can also be appreciated.


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Mercado Reynosa Tamaulipas

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Metro UAM Azcapotzalco

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San Andrés Tetlanman

Nearest at 0.45 kms.

Santas Alitas

Nearest at 1.3 kms.

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Muy Gallito

Nearest at 2.6 kms.

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