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Xochimilco Public Markets

Xochimilco Public Markets only begin with the main one in the Xochimilco Historic Center. What begins here is a region of unique historic farming that has fed the Valley of Mexico since time immemorial. The chinampa technique of farming on human-made islands divided by canals is rich indeed.

Many of the vendors in the markets of Xochimilco will skip the larger distribution center entirely. Food comes directly from the fields. And while seeing it piled up for local buyers is interesting, more interesting is eating it!

All of the Xochimilco public markets also host those readily preparing food for sit-down consumption. It's a terrific place to find yourself. Xochimilco is also home to a whole host of original towns and settlements. You'll be pleased to be find that nearly all of them host a fantastic market too.

That means that exploring Xochimilco always means visiting the Xochimilco Public Markets too. They're free. Each is unique. And each will welcome you with the sights, sounds, and flavors you've been looking for.

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