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San Lázaro Area

The San Lázaro Area is especially important for people waiting in and around the Tapo Bus Station. Directly behind the Federal Legislative Palace, the entire area takes it's name from the old San Lázaro train station.

People used to take off from here, by rail, on trips to Veracruz and Puebla. Today the same trips may be made by bus. In and around San Lázaro, there's more to look at than might meet the eye.

The Legislative Palace is here. And so too is a major installation of the Federal Judicial Sytem. Many of these giant projects emerged in the past 50 years in an effort to upgrade some of Mexico City's densest and poorest old residential areas.

The results are mixed. But for a view on the Mid-Century that didn't turn utterly "Brutalist," it's a good place to look around.

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