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Polanco Galleries

Today's Polanco Gallery District includes not just the seven core Polanco sections, but neighboring Anzures and Verónica Anzures, too. That's spurred growth even further afield in San Rafael to the east, and the Anahuac neighborhoods north of Polanco proper.

Art galleries began in and around the International Hotel District in the 1940s and 50s. For decades, they were the dominant players across Mexico City.

Today, Polanco is consolidated. You'll find blue-chip dealers in 20th-century masters, antiquities, and younger upstarts who are no longer priced out of the neighborhood. You'll also find a concentration of establishment curators. They take pride in flirting with the avant-garde, and with those more closely associated with scenes in Roma, Condesa, and San Miguel Chapultepec.

It's a vibrant scene, but not necessarily one that's flash-in-the-pan. Polanco art galleries may well have one foot in Lomas de Chapultepec to the west, but it's made for an art scene that's not just glitter and spectacle.

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