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Miguel Hidalgo Markets

Miguel Hidalgo Markets are some of the most famous in Mexico City. This sprawling, divergent, and utterly urban territory clings to the familiar, the tried-and-true, and the trustworthy. That means public markets that have been there for generations are still feeding families like yours.

International visitors take to the markets, especially for lunch, because food is fresh prepared. Unlike in chain restaurants, you don't get gray, freezer-mysteries. Vegetables are stacked and being traded all around you. They're sometimes visibly coming off the trucks. Fruits are everywhere evident. And the same food is used to prepare meals every day.

The atmosphere is not pristine. But that means you're getting the freshest food possible. You're also paying less, supporting smaller businesses, and avoiding all the unhealthy additives that international chains need to keep their foods edible.

Miguel Hidalgo Markets are an important part of the urban landscape. In  this tourist-heavy part of the City, it helps to eat like a local.

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