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La Romita

Roma Norte's La Romita neighborhood is tiny by Mexico City standards. It not technically a colonia, but just a designated area within Roma Norte.

Strollers on their way to or from the Avenida Álvaro Obregón will often stumble upon these few charming old streets. It's also a rewarding end to a stroll down the Bucareli Corridor. Centered around the La Romita Plaza, it's all that remains of old Aztacalco.

That was the name of the possible calpulli of people who lived on this far southwest corner of Tenochtitlan. It came to be part of the greater Colonia Roma, but was actually called La Romita long before. This newer name is thought to have come from the fact that it resembled an avenue in Rome.

The Potreros, (i.e.; horse pastures), are long gone. But La Romita is a favorite neighborhood for lonely strolls, for quiet afternoons, and for the sheer joy of discovery.

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