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Day 2 in CDMX

Day 2 is all about Coyoacán.

For lots of Mexico City visitors, there's no better reason to be in Mexico City than Frida Kahlo.

And it's to her neighborhood that we turn today.

Coyoacán is world-famous for charm. Streets here are meant for strolling. And that means, even getting here on the Metro, visitors spend a few more precious minutes strolling tree-lined streets.

International guests head from the Museum to the Historic Center, and to the Market. Along the way, there's nothing to do but enjoy.

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To go further afield, head to the Interventions Museum in the old Churubusco monastery. And remember, there's a shopping center right above the Coyoacán Metro station. So even you get a little lost during Day Two, there's lots nearby to keep you fed and oriented.

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