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Center City Galleries

Mexico City's art scene has long been dominated by a few strong residential communities in and around (mostly around) the City Center.

San Rafael and Santa Maria have only really come into their own since the 21st century began. That's as exciting art scenes. They've given a boost to the galleries in the Zona Rosa and the Colonia Juaréz and that's led to considerable expansion into the neighborhoods of the City Center. Other neighborhoods like Doctores and Tacubaya are seeing similar increases in both commercial and non-commercial venues, and in audiences.

But the Centro Históríco is, today, not just a hanging ground for tourist posters and religious curios. The center's vibrant night scene has spawned an equally ambitious intellectual and artistic culture. It's one that now openly competing with the area's already considerable museum and public gallery community.

Photo: David Cabrera, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

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