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Embassy of France in Mexico City

The Embassy of France in Mexico City occupies a privileged position on the Campos Eliseos in Polanco. The embassy offers consular services, help with visas, passport renewals and the gamut of services for French citizens, and those planning a visit.

The 1995 building was designed by Jean-Pierre Vaysse. He’s an architect with the prestigious Bernard Kohn group. With them, he’s especially known for a number of stations of the Paris Metro.

The embassy is made up of two buildings linked by an inner street. Most of the consulate’s public services are on the first floor of the main 13-story building. Above that are a reception hall, the cultural and press offices, a multipurpose room, and the embassy itself.

Mexico and France have a history as long and fascinating as the two countries. After a tumultuous 19th century, the two settled into a productive 20th century, interrupted only by World War II. The 21st century has been even better. In 2016, a quarter of a million French citizens were welcomed into Mexico for tourism, education, cultural exchange, and business.

The two nations are co-signers of agreements like the Agreement on Friendship, Commerce and Navigation from 1886, Copyright Protections from 1950, and the Agreement on Cooperation in the peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy from 2015.  That’s in addition to many agreements, especially on trade with the European Union.  More than 500 French companies operate in Mexico, and several Mexican multinational companies operate in France.

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Galería Oscar Román

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Asai Kaiseki

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