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Arte Hoy: Coyoacán Sculpture Gallery

arte hoy sculpture gallery
Image courtesy of the Arte Hoy Facebook page.

One of Coyoacán’s truly essential galleries, Arte Hoy is open by appointment only. If you can get in, you’ll see why. Paintings, prints, and some objects are all there, but the space is dedicated mostly to sculpture. 20th century and contemporary three-dimensional works get a true place to shine, and visitors come out glowing.

Open air, in-the-round, and wall-mounted, it’s as refreshing as any museum. Representing some of the best artists in Mexico, Arte Hoy is also an active participant in many of the most important public and Mexican survey shows put together in the city. The gallery is also active in research and historical themes in modern and contemporary Mexican art.

At home in a lovingly restored 1940s home, the gallery houses a permanent collection of modern and contemporary Mexican sculpture made since the mid-20th century. The patio of the property contains many medium and larger format sculptures. These have been arranged such that visitors get the necessary spatial relationship to each, and such that coexistence and a true experience of the works is enhanced.

Call ahead, as hours are limited. But a few minutes walk from the Viveros park and nurseries, Arte Hoy also makes a terrific and refreshing stop off after seeing some of Coyoacán’s many other sights and attractions.

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Mítikah Tower

Nearest at 0.36 kms.

Viveros de Coyoacán

Nearest at 0.38 kms.

Centro Coyoacán Shopping Center

Nearest at 0.50 kms.

Café Tierra Garat

Nearest at 0.3 kms.

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Los Chupacabras

Nearest at 0.3 kms.

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