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UAM Network

The UAM network is the system of cultural centers, learning facilities, galleries, and campuses run by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. It's one of the most important university systems in the country and especially in Mexico City.

The university was founded in 1974 with three main campuses, decentralized, around Mexico City.  These are still arguably the core of the UAM, in Xochimilco, Iztapalapa, and Azcapozalco. Later, facilities were added in Cuajimalpa and in Toluca, the capital of Mexico State.

The university was ranked first among public and private institutions in 2019. It's regularly among the top universities with patents registered. But for life in the City, UAM is an important organizer of cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, and lectures. Some of these take place in the cultural spaces listed below, and even more in the City's ongoing calendars of events, fairs, and happenings.

The UAM also has actively taken charge of some of the most central and important historical legacy properties in Mexico City such as the House of the First Printing Press and the forthcoming Casa-Estudio Leonora Carrington.

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