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El Grito

10 Places to Celebrate Mexican Independence
(El Grito)
that aren't the Zócalo.

If you go to Mexico City's Zócalo  on September 15, the first thing you'll notice is that it is VERY, VERY, EXTREMELY CROWDED.

For some people that's fine. It's the only place to be.

But, after all, all of Mexico City turns out. And though you can fit a few hundred thousand people in the main city square, you can't, and won't fit them all.

Most of the alcaldías, (there are 16 smaller local City governments in Mexico City too) will turn out crowds too. Most will have similar celebrations, though on a much reduced scale. We've included some of the best of them below.

We've also included a few other places specific to the kinds of revelry that people get into on that night, in the list below.

Get out there. Be safe. Have fun. There's lots more to Mexico City than you may have thought.

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