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Coyoacán Parks

To some visitors to Mexico City, Coyoacán may seem like an entire neighborhood of parks. So profuse are the tree-lined streets that a walk to the corner store might seem like a trip across the park.

But beyond the leafy Historic Center, Coyoacán parks are some of the City's most famous. With the rehabilitation of the Canal Nacional, virtually the entire east side of Coyoacán became a park. It might be better described as a series of parks, sports and recreation facilties, and natural areas. These are linked by the old canal.

Many are historic parks. The Viveros de Coyoacán has been supplying trees and seedlings to the entire City for more than a century. It's also a popular area for jogging.

But some parks are far more recent. The Parque Cantera was only fully rehabilitated and re-opened to the public in 2021. Today it's one of the flagships for Mexico City's ecological and environmental sustainability mind-set. It's a world class recreation area on the site of an old asphalt plant.

There are plenty of parks in Coyoacán to be discovered. But going back again and again, there's always something new.

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