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Contemporary Art Museums

Contemporary Art is one of the most important drivers of Mexico City creativity, commerce and community. And while the City is well-served by many cutting edge galleries, broken out across multiple neighborhoods, it's also a City of museums.

And contemporary art museums have sprung up to preserve and present some of the most accomplished and often most experimental work. They also provide an institutional context in which to catch some of the work happening in Mexico, Latin America, and often even further afield.

Many of the other art museums in Mexico City will focus on earlier historical periods. The ancient, colonial, and modern periods are all on full display. The question of whether or not to include the National  Anthropology Museum in such a list always weighs heavy. After all, it shows more "art" than anything else. This is the case with many of the military and cultural museums that so color the cityscape.

For those seeking the latest, the cutting edge, and all that is new, the selection of institutions below should provide. And many of them are open late for Museum Night on the final Wednesday of each month.

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