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Ciudad Deportiva

The Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City, La Ciudad Deportiva, is a major sports complex. In the city’s east, it includes many of the places that international visitors might likely visit on a trip to Mexico City.

Opened in 1958 by then President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, the Ciudad Deportiva occupies a lot of the land-grant territory that had been agricultural land for the old original settlement of Magdalena Mixiuhca. Today, it’s a big neighborhood called Granjas México (the two sections are shown in the map) in Iztacalco. About one third more of the sports fields are in Jardín Balbuena in the Venustiano Carranza alcaldia. It’s also a big wide open space that provides access to leisure, entertainment, and amateur and professional sports development.

The biggest space devoted to sports in Latin America, the site includes the major facilities listed below. There are also just endless playing fields, training fields, cultural centers, tennis courts, an olympic swimming pool, and still a lot more.

The Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City is accessible from no fewer than four Metro stations. All of the places below are parts of the overall Ciudad Deportiva, including the best Metro stations for getting there.


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