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1-Day Itinerary with Kids

Your 1-Day Itinerary with Kids looks like this. No matter where you'll head to tomorrow, today, let's head to the park. There's always something new and exciting to do.

There's more on each attraction at the bottom of this page.

9 am: Chapultepec Park and the Castle

Take the train. The train to the Castle in Chapultepec runs daily from the base of the hill. It'll make the trip that much more fun for kids. The National History Museum at the top, converted from a former private residence, offers striking views and the perfect place for an early morning coffee. The rest of the park is all yours too. On weekdays anyway, crowds won't really be noticeable until the afternoon.

11:30 am: Chapultepec Zoo Head for the zoo! The biggest and most famous zoological collection in Latin America, kids are generally thrilled by it. There's plenty of space for parents too. On weekdays, the biggest crowds you'll see will be groups of schoolkids, but by mid-day you'll also have the best chance of seeing some of your favorite animals.

There are plenty of snacks in the zoo. With kids, you may want to plan to stay longer.

2:30 pm: Lunch at the National Museum of Anthropology

Although a visit to the Anthropology Museum is pretty much mandatory, you've already had quite a morning. Take it easy for an hour rather than heading back to the surrounding neighborhoods for lunch.

Weekdays, lines for tickets to the Anthropology Museum are much shorter. 

Even better, you can also buy admittance tickets online. 

But having lunch at the museum restaurant means you're perfectly positioned for a relaxing visit when you're ready. Take the better part of the afternoon. It's worth it. Even smaller kids are spellbound by the larger works inside and on the grounds of the museum.

4 pm - Head Back Out

A one-day Mexico City itinerary could here include lots more things to do, but realistically, it's time to take it easy and to keep the kids moving in the direction towards eventually calming down. Parents can get pretty excited too.

Take the Double-Decker Metrobus

If you're lucky enough (or your kids are lucky enough) to be staying along the Paseo de la Reforma corridor, your kids will love the easy trip on the double-decker buses currently serving that route. They're inexpensive and fun! Beware though, they get very crowded between roughly 5:30 pm and 8 pm on weekdays.

There are  dozens of great places for dinner just to the north in Polanco or to the south in San Miguel Chapultepec or in la Condesa.

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