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Places for Seniors

Mexico City Places for Seniors just keep counting up. Mexico City's population does indeed keep growing older. But the City has also earned a reputation for quality of life that includes the lives of older adults. That means, older adults visit Mexico City in vast numbers. They come from all parts of Mexico, but from around the world too.

Seniors and retirees keep on living, and that means life has to be invigorating, rich, and full of potential. Well beyond working years, Seniors in Mexico City take to intellectual pursuits, artistic and creative endeavors, and of course, the dancing for which the City is famous worldwide.

While older visitors go in for truly walkable neighborhoods, there's also plenty to be said for accessible and easy-to-navigate public spaces, plazas, and institutions like museums and libraries. Many of the hundreds of Cultural and Community Centers that cater to local seniors also welcome those visiting from abroad. Many of them are staffed by older adults too.

But below are some of the more important sites and attractions that are especially important for older adults, visiting retirees, and those who just don't want to be surrounded by too many young people.

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