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Zoquiapan Route

The Zoquiapan Route covers the southeast of Mexico City's Historical Center. Most of the area is today called the old Barrio la Merced.

It was a Tenochtitlan neighborhood called Zoquiapan, meaning "place of swampy water." Today, it's home to nearly half of the protected historical sites in the entire center.

  • The area ends with a street named for the old Canal Chimalpopoca. That's the traditional southern edge of the island. The canal was named in turn for the third Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan, Chīmalpopōcatzin (1397–1427). His reign lasted from 1417 until 1427. The image is adapted from the Codex Mendoza.

The Zoquiapan Route takes you into some of the oldest and most densely developed Mexico City territory. At the very south, one can also connect with the Calzada de Tlalpan.

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