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Avenida Chapultepec

The Avenida Chapultepec is a major Mexico City avenue. It predates the Paseo de la Reforma by at least 400 years, and really emerged from antiquity as one of the three major elevated causeways into ancient Tenochtitlan. It was an important source of fresh water, even then. Evidence of this remains today in the colonial-era arched aqueducts that still line parts of the avenue.

The avenue was the subject of a serious intervention by Mexico City in 2021. Three kilometers of its length received new walkways, plus extensive replanting in many new green areas and gardens. The project also included:

  • Parque “Lele,” a monument to the Otomi doll (just west of the Glorieta Insurgentes).
  • A skatepark
  • A new bikeway
  • And multiple artistic murals

The Avenida Chapultepec divides the neighborhoods of Colonia Juárez to the north, including the Zona Rosa. To the south is the Colonia Roma, the name of which developed from very idea that this avenue resembled one of the tree-lined entrances to the Rome of the early Modern period. This is still evident in the tiny La Romita neighborhood at the eastern end of the avenue.

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