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Joaquín Gallo Planetarium

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

It is a planetarium located in Parque de los Venados, ideal for children, but also for their parents, and enthusiasts of astronomy and events on the vault of heaven. It is located a few steps from Metro Parque de los Venados.

This place is the opportunity for children to discover the other side of science, so they can, in a fun way, learn and watch in the workshops and lessons about what surrounds us.

It is recommended to consult the official website for schedule and fees of the workshops.

How to get here
  • Av. División del Norte s/n, Col. Letrán Valle.


Benito Juárez Esplanade

Nearest at 0.24 kms.

Metro Parque de los Venados

Nearest at 0.35 kms.

Santa Cruz Atoyac Market

Nearest at 0.53 kms.

Pabellón del Valle

Nearest at 0.55 kms.

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