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EBC Museum

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

This museum is inside the Escuela Bancaria y Comercial (EBC), campus Reforma. The EBC’s archive contains documents, photos, books, periodical publications and others objects the school has kept since 1929, as well as documents of the post-revolutionary period in Mexico. In the museum you can see this documents and other pieces to people linked to the school. 


Tezozómoc Museum

A major science museum run by the Polytechnic Institute...

National Museum of Cartography

One enchanted corner of Tacubaya holds onto a glimpse of ecclesiastic and cartographic history.

muca-Roma: University Museum of Science and Art

Digging into the urban, cultural, and design issues that keep The City turning, it's a major Colonia Roma focal point.

Hospital Concepción Béistegui Museum

More than a sunny backdrop to a coffee shop, it's a museum and retirement home too.

UNAM Geophysics Museum (Museo de Geofísica)

With the oldest continuously operating seismographs in the hemisphere, this one's got a story to tell.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas