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Arredondo \ Arozarena Gallery

Arredondo \ Arozarena is one of the big players in the renaissance of the Tabacalera neighborhood. Along with San Rafael on the other side of Insurgentes, Tabacalera is quickly changing to the hub around which the contemporary art scene is turning.

The gallery opened its doors in 2010 in Colonia Roma as the Talcual Gallery. Today it still aims to highlight the voices of younger Mexican artists and some of the foreign-born artists presently based in Mexico. There are a lot of them) The new digs give them greater space and light for exhibitions just a short walk from the always bustling Monument to the Revolution and the surrounding square.

The gallery hosts regular exhibitions, a Showcase Project, and an interdisciplinary program, and activities to cover a wide range of discourses relevant to contemporary art and cultural practice.

Well-recognized for the range of its exhibitions, Arredondo \ Arozarena was named among the Top 15 to exhibit at Art Basel in Miami Beach in 2017. Still aiming to highlight the best of the artists in their stable, they’re also reaching increasing audiences through ties with museums, art foundations, a range of art curators, and art critics. One to watch, the gallery is also normally a participant in Gallery Weekend, and similar city-wide art activities. The Facebook page has regular updates on exhibitions and other goings-on.

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Metro Revolución

Nearest at 0.20 kms.

National Museum of the Revolution

Nearest at 0.27 kms.

Monument to the Revolution

Nearest at 0.28 kms.

Zesta Punta

Nearest at 0.3 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Nearest at 0.4 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


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